RSS-Button Freebie  While i was working on some wordpress theme gfx, i needed an RSS-Button which fits to most official “social” Buttons like the “tweet” or “like” Buttons which are 20px high.
RSS-Button inline Freebie  There are 2 RSS-Icons in the package (#1 – The RSS Icon is above the button; #2 – The RSS Icon fits into the Button). Feel free to take/use/customize/distribute them – there are also the related Photoshop PSDs in the package to make customizing easy.

Download: RSS-Icons


As a big Star Wars fan, i was happy to read about a free test-weekend of the relatively new Star Wars game “The Old Republic” (MMORPG) some weeks ago. Since i’ve got only a Mac with OS X 10.7.3 around and i don’t like booting into Windows with Bootcamp or running it through a VM, i decided to try it with Codeweavers CrossOver.

Unfortunately i failed getting it running with the latest Version and checked the wine-db if it’s running with wine at all. The forum threads around seemed promising about installations in linux with wine, so i decided to try it directly with wine and OS X and got it working after some hours…

Star Wars - The Old Republic on wine

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