Nearly every 2-3 month i was looking if there’s a new solution around to make the dock transparent on OS X 10.9.x Mavericks again.

Transparent OS X Dock

In previous Versions of OS X it was easy to make the Dock transparent and a lot of free tools were around, but it seemed to be harder to find a working and stable solution for OS X Mavericks. So after some time “Spyresoft” released a small tool called “DockMod” now, which enables transparency on OS X Mavericks again…

The Installation is pretty easy: Just go to and download “DockMod” and install it into your Application folder. Launch DockMod and select “Transparent” from the Theme Viewer and you’re done. DockMod can also add more Docks and custom themes – have a look at Spyresofts Homepage to view what’s possible.

Please note – the software costs currently (May/2014) 8.00$ – The demo version will show a banner from time to time. If you purchase the software you’ll get a discount coupon for 3 more licenses (2$ off per license).

  • Joe Blowit

    Do NOT use DockMod from Spyresoft. Whatever you do, do NOT, repeat NOT use this app.

    If you try their trial system, it puts ugly little tags under every single app icon, and runs red ticker-text reminders ruining your Dock. So you don’t get a real ‘trial’ sense of this thing working. But the biggest problem? You can’t get it off your system if you decide you don’t like it. They SAY in their sparse documentation on their website that all you have to do is “Go to Settings and flip the switch to ‘off’ then uninstall,” but that’s like saying “All you have to do to parachute is jump out of the plane.” It doesn’t exactly work that simply. Go try and turn it off, and the app crashes. Try to manually dump off all the files related to it, and it never goes away. Try to go to Spyresoft’s website and use the help forum–oh wait, THERE ISN’T ONE. They don’t even have a basic cruddy phpBB set up yet. Their ‘documentation’ is nothing more than ‘just turn the app off’ and try emailing these jerks: all they do is send you back the EXACT SAME UNHELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS and if you say those don’t work they get all snarky with you. I had to finally REINSTALL THE MAC OS in order to get rid of their junkware.

    DO NOT INSTALL OR USE THIS APP unless you like taking big risks altering core apps and files on your system with no support and no documentation to remove.