The wine development is going on very fast. Also there are some changes in SWTORs Launcher in this year which make it more difficult to get it working on macOS Sierra. So I decided to make an updated Tutorial for wine 2.14.

ATTENTION: This guide is no longer working since SWTOR reached Patch 5.4. You’ll need “wine-staging” to get SWTOR running. New guide is located here (LINK)

This Tutorial is based on macOS 10.12.6, wine 2.14 and SWTOR 5.3a. It should also work for future releases. It’s tested on my Mac Pro with Nvidia GPU and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13″ (2016) and Intel GPU.

Brew Installation

Brew is a Package-Manager which will be used to install Software. Fire Up a Terminal and enter the following command:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Optional: Brew Update

If you have already brew installed – make sure it’s up to date:

brew update
brew upgrade

Xcode Installation

Install Xcode from the Mac App Store. Afterwards start it and accept the license-

XQuartz Installation

Install the X Server for macOS with the following command

brew cask install xquartz

Wine Installation

Now it’s time to install the newest (developer) version of wine. This will take a long time depending on your internet connection and computer performance:

brew install --devel wine

Winetricks Installation

Winetricks will help you to install necessary components like directx etc.

brew install winetricks 

Now Install necessary components with winetricks with the following command:

winetricks msvcp90=native d3dx9 vcrun2008 msls31 winhttp 

You’ll be prompted for the Installation of Wine Mono, Wine Gecko and Visual C++ etc. – Just install it by clicking through the dialogues like you would do on windows.

Retina Mac Users

If you’ve got an Mac / MacBook with Retina display, you’ll need to set a registry key to enable it in wine. If you’ve got no Retina display, you can skip this step:

Open Regedit from the Terminal


and go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Wine”. Right Click on Folder “Wine” and select “New>Key” and enter “Mac Driver”. Create an new “String Value” by right clicking “Mac Driver” with Name “RetinaMode” and Data “Y”. The result should look like:



SWTOR Installation

Make sure your wine environment is set to Windows 7. Enter:


Windows Version on tab “Applications” should be “Windows 7”

Download the custom SWTOR Installer from my google drive (here). It’s the old Version of the launcher with an custom “launcher.settings” configuration file. Extract the launcher into your Downloads Folder (Which should result in an Folder “Electronic Arts”).

Move the launcher from your Download Folder to your Wine Programs Folder:

cd Downloads
mv Electronic\ Arts ../.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Electronic\ Arts

Now you’ll be able to start the Launcher and to Download all Game-Files. This will take again a long time depending on your Internet-Connection:

env WINEDEBUG=-all wine "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Electronic Arts\\BioWare\\Star Wars - The Old Republic\\launcher.exe"

After the Download is complete, the Launcher will change to the “Play” Button. You’ll now need a Launch-Fix before you push the “Play Button”.

Launch-Fix for SWTOR

You’ll need the following fix running in the background while playing the game. Download “swtor_fix.exe” from here. Copy the fix to your wine drive c:\ with the command:

cp Downloads/swtor_fix.exe .wine/drive_c/

Launching SWTOR

You’ll need 2 Terminals. Enter the command in the first Terminal to have the fix running in the background:

env WINEDEBUG=-all wine c:\swtor_fix.exe

Start SWTOR launcher if it’s not still running from the point before from the second Terminal by:

env WINEDEBUG=-all wine "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Electronic Arts\\BioWare\\Star Wars - The Old Republic\\launcher.exe"

Now you’ll be able to press the “Play Button”.

Hint!: You’ll always need “swtor_fix.exe” running in the background before you start the game from the launcher.

That’s all – Have fun 😉


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