I just thought … mhm how many games are out there … about Star Wars… and which was the first one… ? So here we go … source of knowledge “wikipedia” means it’s “The Empire Strikes Back” for Atari 2600 and Intellivision.

It’s quiet easy to get those old games running on your machine with OpenEmu… 

First of all download “OpenEmu” from openemu.org . I recommend to use the “experimental” version, which will provide more emulators. You’ll get it by clicking the right arrow:

OpenEmu Experimental Download

On the first start of OpenEmu, it will prompt to select System-Cores – just keep all cores selected. You’ll now need the game as “ROM” file. Drag and drop the ROM to the Atari 2600 Library.

Maybe you’ll receive an issue by the game scanner at the bottom left of OpenEmu.


Click on “resolve” to assign the game manually to the Atari Library by selecting the ROM and setting the Dropdown-List to “Atari 2600”. Click on “Apply” an all will be set:

Back again at your library the game should be identified if everything goes right:

Now you are able to play Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back – on your Mac. If necessary you can change the controller settings within the OpenEmu Preferences:

The Default Keyboard Layout is set to the Arrow Keys, Key “a” for fire and “Enter” for Game-Reset.


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