From time to time i need to do Test-Installations on my Macs – Most times i forgot how or which tools i used to create an Installation USB-Stick quickly 🙂 – So here is one way i’ll go in Future.

First of all – If you like to have the latest OS X Version on your Stick – Download it from the App Store. If you’ve got already an old Version – you need to move or delete it from the Application Folder while the Tool we use later will use the Install-Image from the Application Folder… 


You need an 8 GB USB Stick and a Copy of OS X Mavericks from the App Store as well as a running Mac.

USB Stick Preparation

Start the “Disk Utility” from Applications > Utilities.

Choose your USB Stick and Select “Parition” on the right side…

Set Partition Layout to 1 and Format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and use a catchy name to identify your Stick later like “USBINST” and click on Apply.

Disk Utility

USB Stick Installation

Get DiskMaker X from here and Install it into your Programs Folder. Launch it and Select “Mavericks 10.9”. DiskMaker X will find your Mavericks Installer in the Programs/Application Folder – so select “Use this copy”. On the next step, you have to select the before prepared USB-Stick (“USBINST” in this Example):

USB Stick Selection

Accept the following Message about “Erase then create the disk” – You’ll be prompted for your user name and password and afterwards the USB-Stick will be prepared with the Installer.


Booting the USB Stick

Power off your Mac, insert the USB Stick into a free Port on your Mac. Press and hold the “alt” Key on your Keyboard and start your Mac – A screen with various drives will appear – Select your USB Stick to run the Installer from there and it will start the Installation process.


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