OS X 10.11 El Capitan Server as private Cloudstorage resp. Dropbox- / Onedrive- / Googledrive- Alternative

Hosting your own private Cloud-Storage Server isn’t that hard. This Tutorial is about installing an ownCloud Server on OS X 10.11 EL Capitan as Dropbox- / Onedrive- / Googledrive- Alternative.

ownCloud OS XServer

ownCloud made a massive development from the Beginning to the current Version. It has Sync-Clients for all major Operating Systems and Apps for Mobile Clients. iOS Users get the Integration / Access to Files into the System like Accessing / Up- and Downloading Pictures and Videos and to files with Apps like Office 365 etc.

While OS X already has all the Components needed, this Article is about installing a seperate Instance of the required Components (Apache, MySQL, PHP).


How to prevent OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” auto-mounting encrypted Volumes

If you are using the Encryption-Feature for Drives / Partitions in OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” it could be bugging to get a prompt to unlock each after the Login.

File Vault Dialog

A quick way to stop OS X from auto-mounting encrypted Filesystems would be to disable the respective Daemon.  (more…)

How to create an OS X 10.9.3 USB Installation / Boot Stick

From time to time i need to do Test-Installations on my Macs – Most times i forgot how or which tools i used to create an Installation USB-Stick quickly 🙂 – So here is one way i’ll go in Future.

First of all – If you like to have the latest OS X Version on your Stick – Download it from the App Store. If you’ve got already an old Version – you need to move or delete it from the Application Folder while the Tool we use later will use the Install-Image from the Application Folder…  (more…)

How to get “Star Wars – The Old Republic” (SWTOR) working on OS X 10.9 Mavericks with wine

Good News – The Force is with us again 😉 … or let’s better say with “Star Wars The Old Republic” (aka SWTOR) and Mac OS X 10.9.x Mavericks. It’s been a while since i wrote about “how to get SWTOR running on a Mac” with Wine, MacPorts etc. here. Now in 2014 the Game is “Free to Play” and most people prefer to use “Homebrew” instead “MacPorts” to install Software like Wine – So it’s time for an Update how to get SWTOR playable on your Mac …

SWTOR on Mac OS X 10.9


Transparent Dock on OSX 10.9.x Mavericks

Nearly every 2-3 month i was looking if there’s a new solution around to make the dock transparent on OS X 10.9.x Mavericks again.

Transparent OS X Dock

In previous Versions of OS X it was easy to make the Dock transparent and a lot of free tools were around, but it seemed to be harder to find a working and stable solution for OS X Mavericks. So after some time “Spyresoft” released a small tool called “DockMod” now, which enables transparency on OS X Mavericks again… (more…)

Black Menu Bar on OS X Mountain Lion (Updated)

Working with screens at night could be exhausting for the eyes, that’s why i prefer dark wallpapers and discreet light. Anyway, the OS X Menu Bar is not very impressed about a dark wallpaper . Good to know that “Nocturne” is still working and able to invert the menu bar.

“Nocturne” will just invert the menu bar – not the menu itself. The setup is pretty easy… (more…)

20px RSS-Icon freebie for your website

RSS-Button Freebie  While i was working on some wordpress theme gfx, i needed an RSS-Button which fits to most official “social” Buttons like the “tweet” or “like” Buttons which are 20px high.
RSS-Button inline Freebie  There are 2 RSS-Icons in the package (#1 – The RSS Icon is above the button; #2 – The RSS Icon fits into the Button). Feel free to take/use/customize/distribute them – there are also the related Photoshop PSDs in the package to make customizing easy.

Download: RSS-Icons


How to get “Star Wars – The Old Republic” working on OS X Lion with wine

As a big Star Wars fan, i was happy to read about a free test-weekend of the relatively new Star Wars game “The Old Republic” (MMORPG) some weeks ago. Since i’ve got only a Mac with OS X 10.7.3 around and i don’t like booting into Windows with Bootcamp or running it through a VM, i decided to try it with Codeweavers CrossOver.

Unfortunately i failed getting it running with the latest Version and checked the wine-db if it’s running with wine at all. The forum threads around seemed promising about installations in linux with wine, so i decided to try it directly with wine and OS X and got it working after some hours…

Star Wars - The Old Republic on wine